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You can place your advert or advertise your

product and services on this site for a cheaper rate while we create thousands of impression for you per month….

Types of advert varies and their prices varies as well.

* Title advert : This advert is always below the title of a post,
you know its not possible for someone to view a post title and never
see the advert

* In-text advert: this type of advert is always in between
text written in a post. . So no matter what, so far people would read
the post and the advert is in between the post, they will surely see it
*Below post advert: this advert is always below every single post….

These are the advert we offer on www.hitztunez.net and their prices vary, prices may depends on duration and its negotiable…

The importance of creating an advert with us is because we would help
you boost your revenue, and not just boosting it but we would also
create the necessary awareness needed for your product or services

We give details analyzis on the number of clicks,impressions we make on your advert without being bias.
For more information contact us on +233502214618 / +233573934547 or Email us on [email protected]

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