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Survival Of The Fittest (Must Read)

In the animal  kingdom, there’s one rule: survival of the fittest. “Kill or be killed”, no animal cares about the other, predators massacre prey, and prey run for their lives. Must that also be the hallmark of homo sapiens?

We are supposed to be different!

Nonetheless, nature can also be very caring and loving despite its ruthless characteristics at times. Some creatures share a symbiotic relationship, where they all help each other in a way. In the same way, ants are one of the smallest creatures on earth, yet they can take down an elephant and escape devastating disasters like floods and all that, how do they do that? Because they stick out for one another, because they are United.

As humans, what is expected of us? Are we supposed to sit back and do absolutely nothing about our fellow friends who have no food to eat even though we do not have enough? Certainly not! Even in the human body, all the systems work together to bring about homeostasis, how much more us, human beings, why can’t we help one another?

Oh! God, why should there be discrimination?

Human beings before religion or the other way?

The streets suffered a thousand years ago

And it is still struggling to survive

Thieves, extortion, rape cases everywhere!

You know what’s surprising, these same neighbourhoods filled with  these social vices are the same ones producing the heroes and heroines of our generation!

How many orphans have you helped? One, out of how many? Billions!

Look at how the disabled are treated with disgust and contempt, is this what God really expects from us?

The world we see today has advanced to this  degree because of the sacrifices people have made. Now, the million-dollar-question is, what are doing for others?

Article by Bernadette

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